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EKOD - Odense, Hans Christian Andersen Airport
Distance from station: s 25 km
Updated: 12-07-2020 16:50
NOT Current
Mostly Cloudy  
Mostly Cloudy  
   Wind: West 16.7 km/h<br />Gust to 16.7 km/h
Wind: West 16.7 km/h
Gust to 16.7 km/h
Temperature: 17°C
Dew Point: 13°C
Humidity: 77%
Barometer: 1025 hPa
Clouds: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility: More than 10 km
Cloud details: Few Clouds 3300 ft,
Partly Cloudy 4100 ft,
Mostly Cloudy 5000 ft
EKOD 121450Z 27009G22KT 9999 FEW033 SCT041 BKN050 17/13 Q1025
EKBI - Billund, Danmark
Distance from station: E 200 km
Updated: 12-07-2020 20:20
Partly Cloudy  
Partly Cloudy  
   Wind: West 20.4 km/h
Wind: West 20.4 km/h
Temperature: 15°C
Dew Point: 10°C
Humidity: 72%
Barometer: 1025 hPa
Clouds: Partly Cloudy
Visibility: More than 10 km
Cloud details: Partly Cloudy 2400 ft
EKBI 121820Z AUTO 27011KT 9999 SCT024/// 15/10 Q1025
EHDL - KĂžbenhavns Lufthavn, Danmark
Distance from station: w 200 km
Updated: 12-07-2020 20:25
   Wind: NNW 14.8 km/h
Wind: NNW 14.8 km/h
Temperature: 18°C
Dew Point: 9°C
Humidity: 56%
Barometer: 1027 hPa
Clouds: Overcast
Visibility: More than 10 km
Cloud details: Overcast 4800 ft
EHDL 121825Z AUTO 34008KT 320V020 9999 OVC048 18/09 Q1027 BLU

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